Python 2.3 or higher. Due to timezone handlings inconsistencies in Python 2.2 it is possible that time handling is off by one or more hours. When installing PyTVGrab with Python 2.2 it therefore is possible unit-testing will fail and the library will not be installed. In that case, upgrade to Python 2.3. It's therefore HIGHLY recommended you install Python 2.3 first.

A quick installation procedure

Download the library and the grabber u want to use. Extract them using the standard "tar xfvz package-name.tar.gz". Then install the library using "python install", and run the same command for the grabber itself.
Now u have the grabber and the needed library installed. You can now start the grabber by using the "tv_grab_XX_XXX" command (for example "tv_grab_be_tvb"). To get further usage information run your grabber with --help. The usage is compatible with the original perl XMLTV scripts. Logo